• Apple Red Delicious USA

    Apple Red Delicious USA

    Most famous American apple. Ruby red in colour with a...

    110 /500 Grams
  • Yellow Pear China

    Yellow Pear China

    Refreshingly sweet, succulent and moist in texture....

    70 /500 Grams
  • Rose Apple Thailand

    Rose Apple Thailand

    Remarkably refreshing and juicy. The rose apple does not...

    75 /Piece

    Out of stock

  • Malta USA

    Malta USA

    The abundance of Antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and...

    60 /3 Pieces
  • Mango Steen Thailand

    Mango Steen Thailand

    The King of the Fruits”, is one of the most popular,...

    360 /250 Grams

    Out of stock

  • Sharon South Africa

    Sharon South Africa

    Approx. 375-425 grams per piece. Extremely sweet and...

    400 /Piece

    Out of stock

  • Sweet Tamarind Thailand

    Sweet Tamarind Thailand

    Sweet Tamarind, native to Thailand, is big in size among...

    85 /250 Grams
  • Green Apple USA

    Green Apple USA

    Sweet, crispy and juicy sharp taste. Known for their...

    125 /500 Grams
  • Red Pear USA

    Red Pear USA

    Refreshingly sweet, succulent and moist in texture....

    130 /500 Grams

    Out of stock

  • Green Pear USA

    Green Pear USA

    Refreshingly sweet, succulent and moist in texture....

    110 /500 Grams
  • Red Skin Guava Thailand

    Red Skin Guava Thailand

    Approx. 500-525 grams per piece. Unique super fruit...

    300 /Piece

    Out of stock

  • Fuji Apple China

    Fuji Apple China

    Approx. 300-350 grams. Yummy in taste. Fuji Premium...

    100 /Piece
  • Full Green Watermelon

    Watermelon Taiwan

    Approx. 6 KG per piece. Watermelon has everything you...

    80 /3 KG

    Out of stock

  • Kiwi New Zealand

    Kiwi New Zealand

    Sweet fruit with high profile nutrients. Kiwi fruit,...

    40 /Piece
  • Passion Fruit Thailand

    Passion Fruit Thailand

    Pleasantly sweet and tart. Passion fruit is rich in...

    180 /250 Grams

    Out of stock

  • Red Cherry Tasmania

    Red Cherry Tasmania

    Wonderfully delicious. Cherry fruit is packed with full...

    500 /250 Grams

    Out of stock

  • Avocado Australia

    Avocado Australia

    Distinctly yet subtly flavoured. It is used in both...

    100 /250 Grams

    Out of stock

  • Dragon Fruit Thailand

    Dragon Fruit Thailand

    Approx. 300-400 grams. A cross flavor between kiwi and...

    120 /Piece