Fruits in Store

  • Orange Nagpur

    Orange Nagpur

    Nagpur Oranges taste is bright, zesty, acidic, sour,...

    30 /3 Pieces

    Out of stock

  • Mango Alphonso

    Mango Alphonso

    Mango Alphonso Ratnagiri

    180 /KG
  • Malta Punjab

    Malta Punjab

    The abundance of Antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and...

    30 /3 Pieces

    Out of stock

  • Apple Kashmir

    Apple Kashmir

    Apple Kashmir

    65 /500 Grams

    Out of stock

  • Fig Pune

    Fig Pune

    Delicious, sweet flavored fig is one of the ancient...

    100 /9 Pieces

    Out of stock

  • Watermelon Kheda

    Watermelon Kheda

    Approx. 6 KG per piece. Watermelon has everything you...

    80 /3 KG
  • Chickoo(Sapodilla) Valsad

    Chickoo(Sapodilla) Valsad

    Sapota is a tropical evergreen fruit rich in vitamins,...

    50 /500 Grams
  • Pineapple Chennai

    Pineapple Chennai

    Pineapples are Scrumptiously Sweet and Deliciously Juicy....

    60 /KG
  • Banana Anand

    Banana Anand

     Banana is a global favorite for its good shelf life,...

    30 /KG

    Out of stock