About Falcart

Falcart.com is designed to provide users with an option to shop for best quality fruits at affordable rates from the comfort of your house. Our trusted logistics setup will ensure delivery of fresh fruit right to your door steps. We even take proud in being able to provide our customers with option to buy exotic fruits not commonly available.


Our sourcing team is focused only on buying best quality and rarest of rare products for you at lowest possible rates. We source fresh fruits on regular basis and ensure they are delivered to customer without losing their quality, taste and freshness due to long storage periods.

Contract Farming:

Our team of experienced agriculturists connect with farmers and engage in sharing latest innovations in farming techniques to bring production up while not resorting to toxicity of synthetic steroids. We also assist less equipped farmers by taking their farms on contact with full responsibility models and assured returns to the farmer.


We deliver fruits twice a day, in the morning between 8AM-12PM and in the evening between 4PM - 9PM. These delivery schedules are designed after careful study on optimum consumption time of fruits and also to help working class save trouble of spending extra time on buying fruits after office hours.

Ready to Eat  & Exports:

Our fresh produce division is focused on processing fruits and delivering value added product to our customers. Our primary product under this division is pomegranate arils. We hand pick best pomegranates from the farms under our cultivation techniques from the foothills of Aravalli Mountain Ranges. These are processed to exract even arils with magnificant taste, colour and texture. This is the most premium product in its class because of its superior quality. These are exported to Eurpoean and Gulf countries as a premium delicacy.